The Studies are used as a tabular and flexible reporting tool. Designers have the ability to customize the columns for the data they wish to view.

Designers can also view Studies which are sorted by Equipment Type.


Click on the tag symbol to customize the columns of your reports

Queries - Voltage Drop, Short Circuit, Loading Studies

Use the available queries to view reports for common studies like voltage drop, short circuit, or loading.

It’s also possible to view equipment which are loaded and which equipment is hidden.


Voltage Drop Study


Search for specific pieces of Equipment by name.


Searching for Equipment

Batch Changes and Editing

Designers have the ability to modify properties which are common across multiple items.


Selecting multiple circuits

For example, in this case, we’re changing the length of each run to a custom length.


Changing the Net Length across multiple runs. An indicator notifies the user that the value is overridden and not calculated.

Printing and Exporting

The Studies and Pricing Report can be printed by clicking the Print icon located at the top toolbar. They can also be exported to .xml, .csv, or .json.

Use the Copy to Clipboard button to copy and paste to Excel.