The Riser Workspace is an elevational representation of the distribution system. It is used to depict wiring routes as they disperse through a vertically scaling project.


Example Riser Diagram

Note that the interactions between the Riser, One-Line, and Schedules are similar.


Selection Dial

Add Architectural Elements

To add Floors, Rooms, Architectural Elements, or electrical Equipment, use the toolbox at the top.


Adding Elements

Drag and drop elements from the toolbox to the Workspace to place elements.


Adding Architectural Elements

Add Electrical Equipment

To place Equipment, drag and drop elements from the toolbox into the Workspace.


Adding Electrical Equipment

To place an Equipment in a Room, drag the Equipment into the Room region.


Equipment placed in a Room

Connecting Equipment

There are three different types of connections between Equipment: Outbound, Tie, and Infed. These are also known as Load, Tie, and Source, respectively.

To create a connection between Equipment, select the Equipment. Then choose the type of connection. An outbound arrow will create an Outbound connection, indicating you are drawing a connection to a load. An inward facing arrow will create an Infed connection, indicating that you are drawing a connection to a source.


Using the Selection Dial to create connections

Draw out the connection using the mouse and use Enter to create an Equipment.


Use Enter to place Equipment

Resetting Connections

To quickly redraw a connection between equipment, use the reset command. Right-click on the circuit. Then choose Reset.

Copying Equipment

Select the Equipment and use CTRL+C to copy.


Copying multiple pieces of Equipment

Use CTRL+V to paste.


Pasting multiple pieces of Equipment

Moving Equipment

It is possible to move Equipment by an individual or a group basis.

Select a single Equipment or select multiple by using CTRL+Click, or drag and drop a selection box.


Selecting multiple pieces of Equipment

Then click and drag to move Equipment.

Resizing Equipment

To resize equipment, select on a piece of equipment. Use the grips to change the size.


Resizing an Equipment

Converting to Bus Duct

To convert pipe and wire connections to a bus duct, first delete the existing circuits on the Riser.

Select a circuit and use the delete (Del) key.


Deleting Existing Circuits

Delete all of the existing circuits which will be fed from the Bus Duct.


Deleting the Existing Circuits

Create a Bus Duct by dragging and dropping it onto the Riser.


Creating a Bus Duct

Then feed it from MDB by creating an Inbound connection.

Create an Inbound connection by clicking the arrow facing inwards.


Creating a Bus Duct

Draw the connection to the source.


Connecting a Bus Duct to a Source

Select your Bus Duct, resize it, and use the Outbound arrow to draw connections to your loads.


Connecting to Existing Equipment

Draw the remaining electrical connections.


Connecting to Existing Equipment