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Code-Compliant Design

Design at twice the speed as we are constantly validating your model against applicable codes. Never worry about issuing avoidable code-violations again. When you create a project, choose the applicable codes that are relevant to your Project (NEC 2008/2014, ASHRAE 90.1, etc.). These codes are constantly being referenced to perform customizable auto-sizing calculations and validations.


Schedules Workspace with Design Assistance turned off

Also, THRUX provides different levels of Design Assistance, which enable you to fully modify parameters of a circuit while monitoring any violations of safety codes and standards.

Flag Tracker

The Flag Tracker is a tool which reports any violations of a Project’s applicable codes and safety standards.


One-Line showing overload and voltage drop violations of applicable codes and safety standards


Studies allows a tabular view of common engineering reports such as Voltage Drop, Short Circuit, and Loading.


Studies displaying the Voltage Drop report

Revit Interoperability

Import an Architectural model from Revit into an environment designed with MEP engineering as the focus, modify MEP design to accomodate new layouts, then synchronize MEP changes back to a Revit model.

Or, mock up SD level layouts prior to receiving detailed Revit models.


Imported Revit model


Instantly translate design-changes to construction cost. Provide an optimized design that fits your client’s budget and timeline.

All modeled equipment is cross referenced with equipment and labor rate catalogues which are fully customizable on a per project basis.

These catalogues can be synchronized with regional averages of other THRUX users. As all major takeoffs are taken throughout the course of the design, Contractors save dozens of hours doing repetitive counts.

Pricing Report

The Pricing Report allows you to view a breakout of order of magnitude estimates based on the material and labor rates for the model.


Pricing Report displaying the net cost of the model

Price Monitoring

The Price Tracker is a tool which live monitors the price of the model.


View cost as the location of a main distribution board changes


Branching provides the ability for you to study alternatives and identify the best path towards achieving the desired result. This allows you to effectively manage multiple design schemes with a single unifying tool. For example, parallel design paths such as exploring copper versus aluminum conductors, or utilizing bus duct versus pipe and wire can be fully studied and optimized.

Project phases can be managed by creating Branches to capture a project state at a specific point in time.

Branches can be compared to provide consolidated change reports to Contractors or Owners. The ability to track changes between Branches allows your model to survive in the highly dynamic environment of construction and development.


One-Line and the Issuance Log displaying multiple Branches of the base model

For a more in-depth guide, please see our User Guide guide.